Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Trailer Research-Monsters Uni

This is the final trailer for the eagerly awaited prequel of Disney Pixar's smash hit Monsters Inc. The film, Monsters University, takes you back to where it all began for these two worldwide loveable characters Sulley and Mike. Best friends now, the film shows them exploring their newly formed relationship back in University, of which characteristics and personality drove them apart. The film was produced by Walt Disney, which is currently owned by media giant conglomerate Viacom.

The trailer is 2.31 seconds long and consists of various clips within the film, of which the view would want to see, forcing them and allowing them to become more excited about the blockbuster hit. Before the trailer starts a quick flash of both the production company Walt Disney, and the animation studios Pixar are flashed onto the screen. This is shown first before the trailer begins to show the level of importance both of them play in the production of this film. Once these have been shown in under one second the trailer begins with main character Mike Wazowski shown all beamy eyed as a child within what is known as the scare floor. Automatically this excites viewers of whom previously watched the first blockbuster animation allowing them to relate and remember characters and locations of which made the first one so big across the world. The trailer then skips a few years staying with Mike, as you see him announce his excites of officially being a college student. Once that has been shown you see the boys first initial encounter/handshake, introducing names with various different facial expressions. Now that Sulley has been introduced you see him walking into the classroom and introducing himself to the teacher, who automatically recognises his name from his fathers legendary status. Now that both boys have been introduced, and the initial meeting of the boys has been shown, the trailer carries on with a few little scenes of there repelling friendship and what the boys got up to within their college days.

Around 1.20 seconds, various different characters are introduced to the viewer, enhancing their excitement through the understanding of getting to know knew weird but wonderful characters. Once this bunch of what they like to call 'brothers' has been introduced, the trailer gives off the notion that these guys aren't scary at all, and that something tied into the storyline of which is still unknown to the viewer that these brothers need to be scary in order to compete. This then intrigues the viewer into what they are competing for, things such as social status automatically tie into the storyline of going back to college. The trailer continues with the boys challenging and training in order to become these mystery scares in which the viewer is still intrigued into by carrying out a series of enjoyable events and scaring training of which viewers would find funny.

Overall I feel this is a good trailer as it gives excitement to previous viewers through the use of recognition and also broadens their target audience by using intriguing and funny scenes of the loveable characters carrying out strange and silly tasks.

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