Monday, 28 April 2014

Evaluation Question 2

2. How effective is the combination of your main product an ancillary text?

I will conduct an interview to answer this question as I feel this is a very creative way to do it and it will be good to get some audience feedback. 

The questions I will be asking this random interviewee will be:

Explain to the interviewee the main question i will be answering and the that he is key to what we are doing because we need audience feedback.

1. What did you think about our film trailer and did you like it or not?

2. Our poster is actually part of our ancillary texts. So what did you think about our film poster?

3. What did you think about our magazine poster?

4. How do you think that the ancillary text and the trailer intwine together and the poster and covers?

We are now going to ask you some questions about our products.

5. Do you have any suggestions for improvements that can be made for our Film Trailer?

6. Do you have any suggestions for improvements that can be made for our Film Poster?

7. Do you have any suggestions for improvements that can be made for our Magazine Cover?

8. Finally what would you rate our Trailer out of 5 Stars?

Thank the interviewee for his time and his patience!

Evaluation Question 3

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Friday, 25 April 2014

magazine cover

Behind The Screen Final

When reviewing and re-watching our first draft we realized that there was various different things we needed to improve. We wanted to influence and improve the juxtaposition of the ages and how the two characters have grown up. We tried to show this throughout our opening sequence to improve our film.


In Depth Trailer research-World War Z

When researching trailers I tried to chose 3 very different trailers of which fell under different genres of film. A trailer is various short clips from the film of which come together to allow the target audience a small insight into what is expected from the movie and the rough story line of what it will follow.

The first trailer i researched was the blockbuster movie World War Z, staring Brad Pitt fighting for his survival in a world of which has been struck by a pandemic of zombies. The film made $66,411,358 in its first weekend when the film hit the USA cinemas, with the production company ,Paramount Pictures, allowing a budget of $190,000,000 to work on the film. Other Hollywood actors such as Mireille Enos and Daniella Kertesz starred alongside Brad in the film allowing them to become a more recognizable face on the silver screen.

The trailer is 2.27seconds long and includes things such as the film title, production companies and release date. The trailer starts off with the production companies flashing up to the loud noises of an aggressive alarm. Not only does this show that without the production company the making of this film would not be possible, hence they are at the start of the trailer,but it also awakens the viewer to what the film is or might be about. It then turns to what seems a stereotypical happy family car stuck in the bustle of the New York traffic. It consists of the two parents ,Gerry and Karin Lane, with there two small children sat in the back of the car playing a small guessing game to pass the time. It all seems happy and well until a middle aged man goes whizzing past their car in between the lines of traffic, taking out their wing mirror. This then initially creates a small shock between characters, making the audience jump and allow the audience to be alert. This then triggers the main character, Gerry, get out of the happy family car to find out what all the hustle and minimal motion is about. As he does this it connotes to the reader instantly how he is head of the family, and is the power participant within the characters of who we've seen so far. As Gerry is stood innocently by the side of his car in confusion, a male policeman weaves through the traffic in between the lines of traffic. While doing this, as he passes Gerry he aggressively screams at him to get back in car and to remain in it.  As he is screaming at Gerry to do just that, a massive truck comes and instantly kills him, taking at least a whole row of New York traffic with it. This then quickly adds to the initial shock and the viewer on the edge and very alert, allowing them to understand the seriousness of the incident, forcing them to be curious about whats going and whats causing this.

The trailer then switches to an ariel shot of the area which the family are in, showing thousands of panicking people running about like mad men. The view connotes how large of a scale this 'mystery incident' is, and the amount of people it has had an impact on causing havoc within the city. It then switches back to the family, who are within the big bustle of panic bouncing from person to person. Facial expressions are key within this shot as they connote to the viewer how scared the family is and how high running the emotions are between them. The dialogue then overtakes the shot, as the camera switches to Gerry who is jumping in an abandoned RV, carrying the family through the panic by being the powerful participant. As he smoothly whack the RV into drive, the camera is cut to the other side of the RV, of which the passenger seat window is smashed, causing Karin to scream. These shots are all placed very close together showing the high tempo of trailer at this point. It again quickly switches to various different high group of people running down the street in panic and despair. Once this shot is shown for half a second, it then switched back to Gerry for another half second aggressively driving down the road in order to save his family. At this point up flashes 'This Summer' very quickly, allowing the readers to be excited after the quick flash of mystery events, forcing them to be intrigued and wanting them not only to carry on watching the trailer but then also go out and watch the film. It then quick flashes back to the RV on a clear road, almost giving the sense of abandoned and loneliness for the Lane family, as the camera then changes back again to Gerry on the phone. The camera uses Gerry the most throughout the trailer so far showing that he is the powerful participant and that also he is the main character within the film. As he answers the phone the camera changes shot to two people sat in a helicopter mid air, as one of the males within the copter answers "Gerry". The camera then swaps back to Gerry as he confusingly asks "Terry,what is this?!"

Once the short phone call is over, a few shots of fighting, world wars, maps and terrorism flash across the screen within 3 seconds. This then allows the reader to understand the full extent of this mystery situation of which us as viewers still don't know what has caused this.Dialogue then cuts out the scene as it reads "Theres someone doing better than we are. This connotes to the reader how this then turns into a war, knowing that various people are fighting each other although us as viewers still don't know who they are. As this is being said a very high ariel shot of various different people fighting it out is being shown to the viewers, where bombs are being exploded and people are raiding various different territory. This again is also being shown to allow the viewer to fully understand the pandemic of what has happened and how it can be resolved. The scene then switched to this computer of which shows us the total population being killed due to this mysterious pandemic of which is still unknown to the viewers. With the numbers being astonishing it gives a deeper view into the mass impact it has had globally, creating confusion within the viewers into what this could be and how it could cause a large impact.

Evaluation Question 4

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?