Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Trailer Research-The Hangover

The last and final trailer I studied and researched was the worldwide comedy The Hangover starring Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms and Justin Bartha, who have become famous recognizable Hollywood actors due to the worldwide success of the film. The film was released back in 2009, and brought in  £3,193,806 in its first opening weekend within the United Kingdom. The film proved a hit across the globe, with the 4 boys, better known as the wolf pack, causing carnage before the big day as Doug ,played by Justin Bartha, takes the plunge.

The trailer starts with a large home, very well off, as the camera slowly passes it with a voice over. It then introduces us to two of the main characters, Doug and Alan, of whom are talking about Las Vegas, famously known as sin city. Alan then starts talking about the other two boys, Phil and stew, as Alan expresses his feelings about being left out. The scene then switches to Alan in his y-fronts, automatically giving the viewer the laughter and genre clearly. This is when the production companies are quickly flashed across the screen. These production companies are Warner Bros Pictures and Legendary Pictures. The next character Phil is then introduced to the audience with him and his partner are having a conversation. This then allows the viewers an insight into his geeky and whipped personality. This then carries on with a few scenes of the boys together having fun and fooling around, on what seems to be like them travelling to Vegas. "to a night we will never forget" is the next line as the boys look forward to the night ahead in sin city. The trailer then carries o with a small montage of madness of what the boys might of got up to in Vegas, which is quickly followed by a black out.

We then see the boys waking up in a total wreck of an apartment, with Phil laying flat on the floor. Scenes of the boys then carry on waking up to not only harsh reality's but harsh hangovers, with the boys trying to recollect memories of the night before of which they are struggling wit. Scenes of comedy are also thrown in, with Phil realising he's lost his tooth, the boys finding a baby and realising Phil was in the hospital last night. With the boys soon realising they're one man down, panic causing chaos breaks out as the search to find missing man Doug begins. As the boys trail the movements from last night, they find out various different funny moments of which they caused within sin city but also landing themselves into various different sticky situations in which the viewers will find funny. This carries on throughout the trailer as we see the boys in various different and wild situations as the countdown to the wedding is ticking. Once Mike Tyson makes an appearance on the trailer, it intrigues and excites the viewers towards the wildness of the film and what the boys got up to in Vegas.

Overall, the trailer satisfies and excites the targeted audience and allows them to be excited for the release of the film. The trailer clearly fulfils the conventions of the comedy genre and fills the trailer with mad weird stuff of which the target audience would find funny.

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