Thursday, 26 September 2013

Pitch Idea-Locations

With our pitch being based around the trickery and mind games of a sweet relationship turned sour a lot of stereotypical dating locations will be used within the film. Places such as:
-Coffee Shops

These are all stereotypical places of which you would usually see couples attend. Other locations in are film would obviously be used according to the correct character. This means shots can be filmed on nights out, of when Joey and Danny decide to go out, Joeys work and also his hobbies of which he is away from Sophie. We dont show much of Joeys private life as we keep the viewers in the dark about Joeys potential misleadings with other women as much as we do with the character Sophie.

Sophie also has various locations of which her character would be situated in. This would usually be at her small flat of which her and Joey live. This location is where we really see the extent of her paranoia as she paces around the small 4 walls of the flat. She also likes to confide in her closets frineds about the situations with Joey and Danny. This means you would find her in places such as coffee shops and nail bars, of which are stereo typical places you would find older women talking about their private life to friends or family.

Pitch Feedback

Our initial idea was going to be a mixture between 'This Means War' and 'Mean Girls', of which both films are very different and are categorised under different genres. Our initial idea was going to be set in rural universities within the heart of the UK. The film was going to be under the genre of Romantic Comedy. The film consisted of one boy named Joey, who was being chased by two girls which both attend the same uni as him. Both girls knew that there were both seeing Joey, but had decided to allow Joey the space he needed to make his choice between the girls without them interfering. Joey was completely oblivious that the girls both knew he was dating both of them at the same time, and would act in a very 'ladish' way around his best mate Danny. Both girls would then go and try to sabotage each others dates, playing physical and mental games with each other. This then puts a massive strain on their friendship, of which has lasted since they were young girls. The film would then go on to Joey finally making the decision between the girls, of which he choses neither of them and they both end up without him.

The feedback we got from our initial idea was a mixture of positive and negative. The whole idea of playing a mystery man proved a hit with the classmates, of whom we was pitching too. We found that our idea was too similar to others, and wasn't original enough. The students of who we was pitching too felt that they would not go see this film as they could already tell the plot of the story before the film has even begun. This is why we have chosen to add a surprise, mysterious element into the plot of our new idea. Once we had pitched the new fresh idea to the students, the feedback was a lot more positive as we found that they enjoyed the mysterious Facebook stalker element, with small little twists thrown in.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Pitch Idea

A young man named Joey has been dating his girlfriend for over 3 years now since the young age of just 17. As Joeys 21st birthday is fast approaching, the couple are portrayed to be as happy as ever as Joey can slightly hear wedding bells ringing in the back of his ears. Joey is completely oblivious to Sophie's feelings towards Joey growing up and enjoying his life before marriage with his best mate Danny. The boys are famously known around the local area for causing trouble growing up throughout school and with the ladies, until Joey met Sophie. Sophie understands that Joey gets fed a lot of attention for girls around him, with his best mate Danny never helping the situations.

 Sophie's thoughts are eating her away inside day by day as the morning after Joeys 21rst 'Lads Night Out' she decides to act on it. Sophie has an ingenious idea of pretending to be a local good looking girl through the use of social networking sites to use temptation as a weapon against Joey to see if he would give in or be faithful to her. Sophie would then be glued to every laptop, smart phone and tablet she can find to allow her to access more of Joeys private life, of which him and Danny have kept under wraps for the duration of the relationship.

As the film goes on Joey becomes more and more attached to this mystery women of which he has never met before and starts to have doubts within his own personal relationship. As the lie gets deeper and deeper Sophie finds it harder to reveal to him that she is the women hiding behind the technology as she starts to feel as if her own relationship is falling to pieces as she understand Joey now has other interests.

The situation is resolved in a big reveal as joey decides to organize a meet with this 'Facebook Stalker' of whom he is initially attracted to and feels that he is starting to have feelings for. Sophie feels as if the time is right to tell the truth as she decides to go and meet her boyfriend on their 3 year anniversary with a different girls identity. The eagerly awaited moment for the reveal in a small coffee shop, of which him and sophie go every morning before work, is fast approaching as Joey awaits at a table nervously but also intrigued to learn more about this mystery girl.

A name for the mystery girl has not been decided yet and the conclusion and end result of trickery between the relationship has not been though out yet. Another post with this included will be completed soon.