Friday, 15 November 2013

25 Word Pitch Draft 1

As Danny is separated, Joey grows up into his melodramatic relationship with child hood sweetheart Sophie as romance and comedy tears them mysteriously apart.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Poster Draft 3

This is our third and final draft poster, of which allows the viewer a better insight into the storyline of our film. The poster leaves troadens our targeted genre of our film still un-identified, forcing the targeted audience to be intruigued into our film allowing them to want to watvh our film. This then broadens our audience through poster advertising and viral communication.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Catfish Trailer Breakdown

This is the trailer from documentary following main character Nev on an technological journey as he falls in love with Facebook romance Megan, famously known as Catfish. Catfish has had a huge influence on our film, as we will be breaking down what made this documentary a worldwide success in which now is a hit show on the infamous channel MTV.

The trailer starts with contact between Nev and Megan through the telephone, showing Nev being surprised at the tone of her voice and the manor in which she speaks. Instantly this intrigues viewers by using the confusion technique forcing them to want to know what's going on. The trailer carries on by introducing both characters, although when introducing Megan it shows her almost through a computer screen to the viewers, of which fits into the storyline allowing it to become more obvious. The trailer shows their contact with each other through text messages, images and one of the main tools within the storyline, the world wide famous social networking site Facebook.  As the trailer continues we see Nevs happiness when in contact with this mysterious Megan as we are provided with some deeper information about Megan and her private life. As Nev shows off his painting of which Megan sent to him as a present. As the romance expands family are brought into this twister whirlwind through Facebook, as they are quickly named the Facebook family.

Nev expresses his feelings as he explains to the raw footage cameras that he has strong feelings for Megan and how he is starting to fall for the girl. It quickly moves on with Nev travelling, as it quickly gives off the impression he is going to meet her, due to the vivid distance between them both. As the trailer explains that all of this is raw footage, it builds up the tension of their first meeting. With quotes such as 'a shattering conclusion' it gives the ending of the trailer nd film a lot more dramatically expectations as it builds tension within the targeted audience of which makes the trailer so memorable.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Poster draft 2

This is our second poster of which we created to allow us to broaden our target audience. We chose to star main character Joey, of whom is played by Joseph Garratt in the photo with a women. We used this technique to allow our targeted audience to become clearer. We have also placed the production companies at the bottom of the poster, and specific text font was used of which will be explained in our poster breakdown posts.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Trailer Research-The Hangover

The last and final trailer I studied and researched was the worldwide comedy The Hangover starring Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms and Justin Bartha, who have become famous recognizable Hollywood actors due to the worldwide success of the film. The film was released back in 2009, and brought in  £3,193,806 in its first opening weekend within the United Kingdom. The film proved a hit across the globe, with the 4 boys, better known as the wolf pack, causing carnage before the big day as Doug ,played by Justin Bartha, takes the plunge.

The trailer starts with a large home, very well off, as the camera slowly passes it with a voice over. It then introduces us to two of the main characters, Doug and Alan, of whom are talking about Las Vegas, famously known as sin city. Alan then starts talking about the other two boys, Phil and stew, as Alan expresses his feelings about being left out. The scene then switches to Alan in his y-fronts, automatically giving the viewer the laughter and genre clearly. This is when the production companies are quickly flashed across the screen. These production companies are Warner Bros Pictures and Legendary Pictures. The next character Phil is then introduced to the audience with him and his partner are having a conversation. This then allows the viewers an insight into his geeky and whipped personality. This then carries on with a few scenes of the boys together having fun and fooling around, on what seems to be like them travelling to Vegas. "to a night we will never forget" is the next line as the boys look forward to the night ahead in sin city. The trailer then carries o with a small montage of madness of what the boys might of got up to in Vegas, which is quickly followed by a black out.

We then see the boys waking up in a total wreck of an apartment, with Phil laying flat on the floor. Scenes of the boys then carry on waking up to not only harsh reality's but harsh hangovers, with the boys trying to recollect memories of the night before of which they are struggling wit. Scenes of comedy are also thrown in, with Phil realising he's lost his tooth, the boys finding a baby and realising Phil was in the hospital last night. With the boys soon realising they're one man down, panic causing chaos breaks out as the search to find missing man Doug begins. As the boys trail the movements from last night, they find out various different funny moments of which they caused within sin city but also landing themselves into various different sticky situations in which the viewers will find funny. This carries on throughout the trailer as we see the boys in various different and wild situations as the countdown to the wedding is ticking. Once Mike Tyson makes an appearance on the trailer, it intrigues and excites the viewers towards the wildness of the film and what the boys got up to in Vegas.

Overall, the trailer satisfies and excites the targeted audience and allows them to be excited for the release of the film. The trailer clearly fulfils the conventions of the comedy genre and fills the trailer with mad weird stuff of which the target audience would find funny.

Poster Draft 1

This is the first draft of the poster which was created by the production team to broaden the target audience. We created various different posters in order to see which one was best suited towards our film and which poster would attract the most potential viewers towards our film. The poster consists of a draft tag line do you really know?, intriguing the viewers into what may be 'Behind the screen'. We also felt that this poster left the genre wide open, also adding confusion to the viewer intruiging them into the film.

Tag Line Ideas

When we studied various different films we found that it would usualy come with a tag line. A tag line is a small sentence which gives the viewer a smaller insight into what the film is about and excite the viewer for the release of the film. The tag line would be a very small sentence, Ranging from 4-8 words. A tag line is a good technique to use when advertising a film as it forces the reader to remember the advertisement. This is because tag lines are normally catchy or sometimes can even rhyme. Tag lines are another good effective way of advertising as these short sentences can become famous and be associated with the film. For example In a galaxy, far far away, was a very famous tag line from the hit sci-fi Star Wars. We thought it would be a good idea to create our own tag line for our film to allow it to become more memorable, this is what we came up with! 

.Are you sure you know her?
.twisting networking relationship

Trailer Research-50 First Dates

50 First Dates is a romcom sensation starring Adam Sandler, in a bid to win over the heart of a girl named Lisa after finding out about her struggle with short term memory. The film was released back on the 9th April 2004, which is in fact Valentines day. By choosing this clever release date the production company, Columbia Pictures, it hit the target audience chosen knowing that this day of the year was special to couples across the world and that then would be a good time to see it together. The tagline 'The ultimate bachelor will face the ultimate challenge' then broadens the target audience towards men as well, allowing them to feel that this film is not all aimed at female and will not include all love and romance.

The trailer starts with the production company flashed across the screen, just as we found within the other trailer of Monsters University in earlier posts. This then shows the importance of the production company towards the film, allowing them recognition into the time and money they have invested towards it. It then flashes up with the main character, of whom is played by Adam Sandler, as he is shown of to be a very loveable and funny character. You see him participating in some of his hobbies such as feeding wildlife, playing golf and sitting at a bar.

Not long into the trailer we are then presented with the girl, as you see her catch the mans eye with her reflection through the cutlery. We then both see them have this cheesy moment as they both stare deeply into each others eyes, portraying this connection between them both which is emphasised by the upbeat enjoyable music in the background. This then quickly moves on to their introduction to each other, of which is very simple and basic, shaking hands and swapping names. Once this is done the viewer is shown a little more into the life of this mysterious girl of who we now know as Lucy. As Lucy participating in her favourite hobbies such as painting and watching sea life, it is soon to be cut out with the couple laid in bed. This is the first time we are truly led to believe that this film falls under the genre of romcom and is targeted towards adults and older couples. As she screams when waking up in bed with him, we automatically know something is wrong and that the twist is entered into the trailer. As the trailer continues Henry, the character who is played by Adam Sandler, understands the severe injury she has with her not being able to recollect any of her short term memory. This then means him meeting her over and over again, which falls into place with the title of the film 50 first dates. The trailer carries on with the couple meeting over and over again as the embark on a weird and funny journey together, as Henry finds how really hard life with Lisa is.

Overall the trailer meets the demands of the target audience, by showing them specific clips of both the romantic side and comedy side of the film to allow the to be excited for the release.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Trailer Research-Monsters Uni

This is the final trailer for the eagerly awaited prequel of Disney Pixar's smash hit Monsters Inc. The film, Monsters University, takes you back to where it all began for these two worldwide loveable characters Sulley and Mike. Best friends now, the film shows them exploring their newly formed relationship back in University, of which characteristics and personality drove them apart. The film was produced by Walt Disney, which is currently owned by media giant conglomerate Viacom.

The trailer is 2.31 seconds long and consists of various clips within the film, of which the view would want to see, forcing them and allowing them to become more excited about the blockbuster hit. Before the trailer starts a quick flash of both the production company Walt Disney, and the animation studios Pixar are flashed onto the screen. This is shown first before the trailer begins to show the level of importance both of them play in the production of this film. Once these have been shown in under one second the trailer begins with main character Mike Wazowski shown all beamy eyed as a child within what is known as the scare floor. Automatically this excites viewers of whom previously watched the first blockbuster animation allowing them to relate and remember characters and locations of which made the first one so big across the world. The trailer then skips a few years staying with Mike, as you see him announce his excites of officially being a college student. Once that has been shown you see the boys first initial encounter/handshake, introducing names with various different facial expressions. Now that Sulley has been introduced you see him walking into the classroom and introducing himself to the teacher, who automatically recognises his name from his fathers legendary status. Now that both boys have been introduced, and the initial meeting of the boys has been shown, the trailer carries on with a few little scenes of there repelling friendship and what the boys got up to within their college days.

Around 1.20 seconds, various different characters are introduced to the viewer, enhancing their excitement through the understanding of getting to know knew weird but wonderful characters. Once this bunch of what they like to call 'brothers' has been introduced, the trailer gives off the notion that these guys aren't scary at all, and that something tied into the storyline of which is still unknown to the viewer that these brothers need to be scary in order to compete. This then intrigues the viewer into what they are competing for, things such as social status automatically tie into the storyline of going back to college. The trailer continues with the boys challenging and training in order to become these mystery scares in which the viewer is still intrigued into by carrying out a series of enjoyable events and scaring training of which viewers would find funny.

Overall I feel this is a good trailer as it gives excitement to previous viewers through the use of recognition and also broadens their target audience by using intriguing and funny scenes of the loveable characters carrying out strange and silly tasks.

Blog Feedback

Within the class we felt It would be a good idea to evaluate each others blogs and give initial feedback on the blog. Things such as number of posts and blog grades were written down on a piece of paper by one of the class members. One of my classmates, Jonathon Grace, marked my blog as he wrote down his evaluation on a piece of paper. This is what he wrote...

Catfish Poster Conventions&Influences

As you can see from the previous post, our production team will be breaking down and analysing the success behind the hit MTV show catfish. The first thing we will be analysing is the film poster, which was released before the film, to excite potential viewers and attract more customers towards the film.
This is the poster which was released by Relavitiy Media production team, advertising the documentary which hit the silver screen on the 17th September 2010. There are various different messages and connotations that this poster gives off to the viewer. The first most noticeable thing is the link to the social networking site and the link back to the computing technological side of the story line. This is shown through the two images placed at the top and bottom of the page. These pictures are pixel issued as if they were zoomed in or can be shown as if it was on a computer screen. This gives off connotations of Nevs journey within the social networking site and to able to instantly give this connotation to the viewer, allowing them slither insights into the storyline exciting them for the release of the film.

The next connotation is the link back to the largest social networking sight Facebook of which plays a huge role within both our storyline Behind the screen, and the Catfish storyline. The link within the poster is fairly obvious due to the large banner placed across the middle of the poster. The banner is a very similar shade to the blue used within the social networking site and allows the viewer to use recognizable shade to give them a better understanding. This is a technique to allow the viewer to use recognizable things they've seen an a daily basis to give them an initial reaction into what they know, of which the poster has also done with the font of the title. The font title is the same or very similar to the one use on Facebook. This is then gives off an initial idea of the story line and clearly allows the viewer a recognizable understanding that the famous social networking site plays a large part within the storyline of this documentary.

The final aspect that our production company broke down was the tag line, of which we found was a recurring aspect which can be found on most of if not all posters released. Tag lines are used to allow the target audience a smaller insight into the storyline of the film using catchy phrases and words in a small sentence. For example, think before you click is the clear tag line for the Catfish poster. By jumbling these 4 words into a small sentence immediately becomes catchy and memorable. When viewers read this it then gives them a small insight into the networking side of the storyline, but also intrigues them of who or what might they be clicking on within the film.

Overall there is various techniques and tips we have learnt from breaking down this Catfish poster of which we can now apply to our posters. By doing this it will allow us to broaden our targeted audience and excite for the release of the film.

Film Influences

The hit MTV show Catfish originally started with started with a small home made documentary which was filmed in America by two bet friends Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. It all starts with one man named Nev, talking to a complete stranger who he had never met through the use of social networking site 'FaceBook'. As the conversations flow over a vast period of time, his two best friends decide to film the whole journey Nev explores, as he strangely falls in love with this girl of whom he feels he knows but he's never met. As the boys go to meet this so called 'Megan' Nev is shocked to find she is not who she says she is! We felt that this storyline could relate to ours so we decided to do a little background research into this documentary of which hit cinemas back in September 2010. Back in 2010 the documentary entered a bidding war for the release and production of the film. This included two productions companies Relativity Media and Paramount Pictures. These are two very different production companies as Relativity Media, is a smaller independent companies producing things such as limitless and 21 and over. Paramount Pictures on the other hand is one of the largest subsidiary production teams within Hollywood, producing Blockbusters such as Mission Impossible starring Tom Cruise and Paranormal Activity. Paramount is a subsidary production company of large media conglomerate Viacom, of whom also owns Walt Disney and 21st Century Fox.

 This means will be studying and breaking down things such as Catfish posters, trailers and teasers to figure out the success behind these real life stories and why it is so big across the world now.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Casting Draft Ideas

Casting is a very important to our film and production company due to our budget being used on our film. This then means we have to think carefully about who is casted within our film and how we can afford them. By doing this we created a shortlist for all 3 main characters within the film. Once we had done this we could then whittle down who we was going to cast each character within our film. The 3 characters we would be shortlisting are...
.Joey, the main character who is caught up in this relationship storm
.Danny, Joeys right hand cheeky man who always drag him through trouble
.Sophie, Joeys partner who is also the double for this mystery Facebook girl
This post will go psted shortly as it will be done and written by hand, to allow my blog to become more creative but also to allow the task in hand to become easier. Once this is finished we will then be creating 3 mood boards based around our 3 main characters Joey, Danny and Sophie. These will show various different aspects of personality and highlight any differences between these 3 characters. These 3 blogs will also add more of a creative side to my blog but also allow the viewer of my blog a more in depth understanding of each character through the use of visual aids and mood boards.
The 3rd and final posts I will be doing to create an I depth view of our 3 main characters is a character profile for each of them. This then gives a little basic information about each of them, things such as height, eye color and age will be included in the posts. This will be carried out through a small paragraph for each character, giving background information such as upbringing and personality actions.

Film Name Ideas

The production team thought the best way to decide on the film title name would for various different members of the team to sit down and brainstorm, giving us a wide range/variety of potential names that could be used. The brainstorming lasted for roughly 20 minutes and commenced after the whole tea had revitalised on the storyline, allowing them to reel of names which first come into their heads. This is what was produced by the team...

Casting Shortlist