Sunday, 10 November 2013

Catfish Trailer Breakdown

This is the trailer from documentary following main character Nev on an technological journey as he falls in love with Facebook romance Megan, famously known as Catfish. Catfish has had a huge influence on our film, as we will be breaking down what made this documentary a worldwide success in which now is a hit show on the infamous channel MTV.

The trailer starts with contact between Nev and Megan through the telephone, showing Nev being surprised at the tone of her voice and the manor in which she speaks. Instantly this intrigues viewers by using the confusion technique forcing them to want to know what's going on. The trailer carries on by introducing both characters, although when introducing Megan it shows her almost through a computer screen to the viewers, of which fits into the storyline allowing it to become more obvious. The trailer shows their contact with each other through text messages, images and one of the main tools within the storyline, the world wide famous social networking site Facebook.  As the trailer continues we see Nevs happiness when in contact with this mysterious Megan as we are provided with some deeper information about Megan and her private life. As Nev shows off his painting of which Megan sent to him as a present. As the romance expands family are brought into this twister whirlwind through Facebook, as they are quickly named the Facebook family.

Nev expresses his feelings as he explains to the raw footage cameras that he has strong feelings for Megan and how he is starting to fall for the girl. It quickly moves on with Nev travelling, as it quickly gives off the impression he is going to meet her, due to the vivid distance between them both. As the trailer explains that all of this is raw footage, it builds up the tension of their first meeting. With quotes such as 'a shattering conclusion' it gives the ending of the trailer nd film a lot more dramatically expectations as it builds tension within the targeted audience of which makes the trailer so memorable.

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