Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Trailer Research-50 First Dates

50 First Dates is a romcom sensation starring Adam Sandler, in a bid to win over the heart of a girl named Lisa after finding out about her struggle with short term memory. The film was released back on the 9th April 2004, which is in fact Valentines day. By choosing this clever release date the production company, Columbia Pictures, it hit the target audience chosen knowing that this day of the year was special to couples across the world and that then would be a good time to see it together. The tagline 'The ultimate bachelor will face the ultimate challenge' then broadens the target audience towards men as well, allowing them to feel that this film is not all aimed at female and will not include all love and romance.

The trailer starts with the production company flashed across the screen, just as we found within the other trailer of Monsters University in earlier posts. This then shows the importance of the production company towards the film, allowing them recognition into the time and money they have invested towards it. It then flashes up with the main character, of whom is played by Adam Sandler, as he is shown of to be a very loveable and funny character. You see him participating in some of his hobbies such as feeding wildlife, playing golf and sitting at a bar.

Not long into the trailer we are then presented with the girl, as you see her catch the mans eye with her reflection through the cutlery. We then both see them have this cheesy moment as they both stare deeply into each others eyes, portraying this connection between them both which is emphasised by the upbeat enjoyable music in the background. This then quickly moves on to their introduction to each other, of which is very simple and basic, shaking hands and swapping names. Once this is done the viewer is shown a little more into the life of this mysterious girl of who we now know as Lucy. As Lucy participating in her favourite hobbies such as painting and watching sea life, it is soon to be cut out with the couple laid in bed. This is the first time we are truly led to believe that this film falls under the genre of romcom and is targeted towards adults and older couples. As she screams when waking up in bed with him, we automatically know something is wrong and that the twist is entered into the trailer. As the trailer continues Henry, the character who is played by Adam Sandler, understands the severe injury she has with her not being able to recollect any of her short term memory. This then means him meeting her over and over again, which falls into place with the title of the film 50 first dates. The trailer carries on with the couple meeting over and over again as the embark on a weird and funny journey together, as Henry finds how really hard life with Lisa is.

Overall the trailer meets the demands of the target audience, by showing them specific clips of both the romantic side and comedy side of the film to allow the to be excited for the release.

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