Sunday, 3 November 2013

Casting Draft Ideas

Casting is a very important to our film and production company due to our budget being used on our film. This then means we have to think carefully about who is casted within our film and how we can afford them. By doing this we created a shortlist for all 3 main characters within the film. Once we had done this we could then whittle down who we was going to cast each character within our film. The 3 characters we would be shortlisting are...
.Joey, the main character who is caught up in this relationship storm
.Danny, Joeys right hand cheeky man who always drag him through trouble
.Sophie, Joeys partner who is also the double for this mystery Facebook girl
This post will go psted shortly as it will be done and written by hand, to allow my blog to become more creative but also to allow the task in hand to become easier. Once this is finished we will then be creating 3 mood boards based around our 3 main characters Joey, Danny and Sophie. These will show various different aspects of personality and highlight any differences between these 3 characters. These 3 blogs will also add more of a creative side to my blog but also allow the viewer of my blog a more in depth understanding of each character through the use of visual aids and mood boards.
The 3rd and final posts I will be doing to create an I depth view of our 3 main characters is a character profile for each of them. This then gives a little basic information about each of them, things such as height, eye color and age will be included in the posts. This will be carried out through a small paragraph for each character, giving background information such as upbringing and personality actions.

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