Friday, 25 October 2013

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Casting Profile-Sophie

This post is explaining the characteristics and features of each role within our film. Meet Sophie, the sweet innocent 20 year old girl who fell madly in love with Joey. Sophie enjoys the sweet things in life, and is much as a soft girl as she is on the outside as in. Sophie likes things such as baking cakes, movie nights with her boyfriend and coffee afternoons with the girls. Sophie has always been an attractive girl, long blonde hair, blue eyes and sharpened figure, of which Joey understands how lucky he is. Sophie is always attracting attention from boys when she goes out, but always diverts the attention onto friends due to her deep relationship she's been sharing with Joey for nearly 3 years now. Along with Danny and Joey, she also came from a very stable family background, growing up in and around the same area of the two boys. Sophie always heard about the two boys causing chaos and mayhem around the grew up in as teenagers, which drew her closer and closer to Joey as she denied she liked him. Joeys cheeky ways managed to win over Sophie's heart, leaving Danny on his ones to cause all the trouble.
Here is some basic information on Sophie in which i have missed, to give a more in-depth basic view on Sophie...

Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3
Eye Color: Blue
Hobbies: Baking, movies and time with girls
Occupation: Receptionist

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Casting Profile-Danny

This post is explaining the characteristics and features of each role within our film. Meet danny, the cheeky chappy who somehow manages to get away with everything, as he is able to palm it off to his right hand man and best friend Joey. Danny hates the fact that Joey is all tied up in his 'cute relationship' with sophie, as he reminisces the times of which they used to be able to promote nights freely and cause havoc in the city of London. Danny also feels he lives the lifestyle he has always dreamed about, with the fast cars, expensive watches and large house in the Chelsea area. Joey knows that Danny is the most anti-relationship person he knows, and Danny will be seen with various different girls every night out, of whom he somehow manages to take back to his mansion despite of his reputation he has built up in the London clubbing scene. Danny came from a very similar background as Joey, boyhood pals in fact, as they both grew up together in the south east of London, both trying to peruse the same dream. Joey and Danny know each other like the back of their hands, and have gone through many ups and downs as they grew into the men they are now. With Danny being the same age, he feels that joey is wasting his prime years with Sophie, as he misses the nights out they used to share with many other of their close boy mates. Danny knows its Joeys 21st birthday fast approaching, as he deviously plans to have a night they used to have, one of which neither of them will never forget. Danny organizes this 'spectacular night' of which ties into the story line of Sophie being paranoid about leaving Danny and Joey alone as the embark on one last cheeky journey.
Here is some basic information on Danny in which i have missed, to give a more in-depth basic view on Danny...

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Eye Color: Blue
Hobbies:Partying, Girls, Football
Occupation:Party Promoters

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Character Profile-Joey

This post is explaining the characteristics and features of each role within our film. Meet Joey, the lovable lad who is desperately trying to find the balance between his boy mates and his girlfriend. Joey loves to party, go out and play rugby with his mates but most importantly Joey is a technological freak. Joey loves all the new software and will spend hour on end queuing for the latest iPhone, tablet or laptop, in which lays in with the story line. Joey was brought up from a stable middle class home in the south east of london, of which he lived the life any young boy would. Joeys mum has been a massive influence on his life with him being the only child, constantly making a fuss and pulling him through various different troubles as the boy grew older. This then links in with his partner Sophie, of whom he has been with for nearly 3 years. Sophie has almost taken over the mother role within Joeys life, by running the relationship smoothly through things such as financial issues and arguments. Joey works as a club promoter in central London, working with big name clubs such as Ministry, Pacha and Fabric. This shows how the couple are financially stable with Joey working at a high level within the city. But the money doesn't smooth Sophie over as she understands the caliber of the field in which Joey works in and what his job really initials. Joey loves his occupation as it allows him to live the life he has always dreamed about. Joey enjoys the finer things in life, things such as watches, cars, houses and designer clothes has always caught Joeys eye as he feels he is allowed to express his expensive lifestyle to people who don't know Joey.
Here is some basic information on Joey in which i have missed, to give a more in-depth basic view on Joey...

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10
Eye Color: Blue
Hobbies: Rugby, Partying, Music, Technology,Designer Clothes
Occupation: Party Promoter

Monday, 14 October 2013

Props Moodboard

Genre Research

Over the past few days I have been researching the various different genres of films of which we can use to create the trailers. I carried out this research by watching various different trailers of different genres, to see the difference between them and what they include. By doing this, then gives me a good insight into what needs to be placed into the trailer which is categorized under a certain genre of the film. The various different genres I have researched are Horror, Comedy, Drama and RomCom. This is what I have found.

When researching the genre drama there was wide range of film trailers of which to chose from and study, which made the genre choice a good one to choose. When researching the genre it gave me a good insight into the characters being used within the trailers. I found that most of the characters used were older due to the level of dramatic input the story line of the film would entail. This then gave us a problem, as due to our budget we could not afford older actors, and instead would have to use actors more of our own age. This then lead me onto researching some teen drama movies. Films such as Juno were included in my trailer research, as it gave me a good insight into what should be included in the trailer. Drama is a very specific genre of which a trailer can be produced within, although various different story lines can arise, meaning it gives us a producers flexibility and room to be creative.

Horror is a very specific genre of which movies fall under as it only appeals to a very specific target audience. Horror films are all about the buzz of which you receive from being put out of your comfort zone through the use of film. When we researched horror movie trailers we found that it takes a lot of time and special equipment in certain films to create the effect needed in which to place the audience outside of their comfort zone. This then became a massive problem to our production team, although we did find some blockbuster horror movies of which didn't use this technology. Hollywood blockbuster horrors such as 'Paranormal Activity' was one of these films as has reached a large audience through the use of fakery ghosts and  the element of surprise, of which our production team could create. There were various different elements within the horror genre of which we had to look at such as slasher, ghost and monster.

Comedy was a genre of which we enjoyed researching as there are many different films of which fall under this category. There are so many comedy blockbuster films out there making it very tough completion for new ones. Films such as 'The Hangover' has appealed to a worldwide audience and has raked in over £3,193,806 in its first weekend of viewings here in the UK. The advantages of producing a comedy movie is that it has a very large target audience and will appeal to a wide audience of people. The disadvantages of producing a comedy movie is that the competition is very high, with blockbuster comedies being released on a daily basis. Another disadvantage is within these blockbuster comedies is high name actors who are recognized for being funny. This means with our low budget it is impossible for us to get one of these actors, meaning we have to use unknown actors of which creates a risk element to whether the film will e funny or not.

Romantic comedies was a good genre to research as we found it covered a lot of ground within films of which comedies or romantics miss out. This then plays to an advantage of a whole new target audience while also appealing to audiences who enjoy romantic and comedy films. There are various different blockbuster romantic comedies out there who have made millions through the use of that new angle of which they can play on. Films such as 'Bridget Jones' Diary' is one of them and has been proven to be a smash hit within the UK making millions through the use of DVD sales and cinema showings. We found that a romantic comedy would be a good genre of film to allow our production team to work with as it allows us to express our creative side but also have a comedy spin off on the storyline. We felt that Romantic Comedy was the best choice for us as it would allow us to use unknown actors and the genre of the film would work and fit nicely with our allocated small budget.

Audience Research

The audience research played a massive part in the genre of which our film fell under. It also had a massive impact on the advertising of our film, allowing us to work with the best advertising techniques in order to broaden our target audience and appeal to a wide catagorie.

The way in which we worked this was to look at various different age groups, then find out various different aspects which draw/attract them towards a certain film. For example when we looked at the target audience for children, we found that animated films which include loveable characters of which the children were able to relate to and understand. This is steroetypical for children as through the use of pyscology we understand that children are naturally attracted to bright colourful themes due to their age restrictions. Another target audience we looked at was older men as we feel that this is a very wide range to appeal to, and if targeted well can also appeal to other older age groups. When researching this age group we found that steroetypically they enjoy films of which include their hobbies, this means things such as sports, women and cars. Films such as 'Gone In 60 Seconds' and 'The Damned United' fall under stereotypical ma films, as they both include aspect of which would want the man to watch on and would keep him interested throughout.

When we was deciding of which target audience to appeal to we had to evaluate our film and look at the various different aspects within to allow us to decide which audience our film would be best suited too. By breaking down our film it became obvious that the older generation were best suited towards our film, from ages 15 and over would be able to allow a better understanding of the twisted but funny storyline. We feel that our film is best suited to both genres as it includes situations, emotions and props of which both genres would be attracted towards allowing them to stay interested towards our film. This is key for the release window allowing excitement and interest in between the time of release of advertising and trailer to the release of the blockbuster. This is a very important time for the production company as it will either broaden or slim the targeted audience.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Decision Of Genre

'Genre is the term for any category of literature or other forms of art or entertainment.'
The decision of our genre is a very important choice for our production team, as it will play a huge part in our final grade. Various different genres came into play, with myself and joe brainstorming of which genre to go into over two lessons. Genres such as horror, zomcom, comedy, romantic and romcom. All these genres had huge impact into what genre we decided to create a film within. By researching various trailers under these genres it gave us a good insight into what can stereotypically be found in the different genre categories.

Our first initial idea was to go down the genre route of drama, as we felt we could express our creativity  through out the film. This would then allow us to create real life relatable experiences of which audiences could understand and feel the full effect of this film. Through our research of drama trailers we watched drama trailers such as Pulp Fiction, Hitchcock and White House Down. We also watched various other trailers to allow a good insight into what needs to be placed into a drama trailer. We found that most of the actors used within the trailers/films are 25 years or older. This then created a problem for us as most of our cast were aged 18 or under, meaning the film would not fit with the conventions of a drama.

We then decided to move away from drama after hitting that downfall and decided to look into romcoms. We felt creating a romcom would still allow us to express our creative side by allowing us to work with relatable chracters and place them into funny situations of which will allow the viewer to relax and enjoy the film. Through research into romcoms we found that all trailers have at least one funny situation in which the characters find themselves in, of which arose our problem with choosing romcoms. This meant that the trailer and film had to be funny due to the genre of choice. By being only allowed a small budget, this meant we could only afford cheap actors of which we knew. This meant that audiences may not find this funny which then defeats the whole objective of the genre.

Our next idea was to then mix the two together, of which arose our initial idea. This means we still wanted to take our creative of which we could express through drama, but also add a romantic twist in which would interest and keep the audience interested and captivated. We found this worked really well with plenty of film ideas came from our production team.