Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Film Influences

The hit MTV show Catfish originally started with started with a small home made documentary which was filmed in America by two bet friends Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. It all starts with one man named Nev, talking to a complete stranger who he had never met through the use of social networking site 'FaceBook'. As the conversations flow over a vast period of time, his two best friends decide to film the whole journey Nev explores, as he strangely falls in love with this girl of whom he feels he knows but he's never met. As the boys go to meet this so called 'Megan' Nev is shocked to find she is not who she says she is! We felt that this storyline could relate to ours so we decided to do a little background research into this documentary of which hit cinemas back in September 2010. Back in 2010 the documentary entered a bidding war for the release and production of the film. This included two productions companies Relativity Media and Paramount Pictures. These are two very different production companies as Relativity Media, is a smaller independent companies producing things such as limitless and 21 and over. Paramount Pictures on the other hand is one of the largest subsidiary production teams within Hollywood, producing Blockbusters such as Mission Impossible starring Tom Cruise and Paranormal Activity. Paramount is a subsidary production company of large media conglomerate Viacom, of whom also owns Walt Disney and 21st Century Fox.

 This means will be studying and breaking down things such as Catfish posters, trailers and teasers to figure out the success behind these real life stories and why it is so big across the world now.

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