Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Decision Of Genre

'Genre is the term for any category of literature or other forms of art or entertainment.'
The decision of our genre is a very important choice for our production team, as it will play a huge part in our final grade. Various different genres came into play, with myself and joe brainstorming of which genre to go into over two lessons. Genres such as horror, zomcom, comedy, romantic and romcom. All these genres had huge impact into what genre we decided to create a film within. By researching various trailers under these genres it gave us a good insight into what can stereotypically be found in the different genre categories.

Our first initial idea was to go down the genre route of drama, as we felt we could express our creativity  through out the film. This would then allow us to create real life relatable experiences of which audiences could understand and feel the full effect of this film. Through our research of drama trailers we watched drama trailers such as Pulp Fiction, Hitchcock and White House Down. We also watched various other trailers to allow a good insight into what needs to be placed into a drama trailer. We found that most of the actors used within the trailers/films are 25 years or older. This then created a problem for us as most of our cast were aged 18 or under, meaning the film would not fit with the conventions of a drama.

We then decided to move away from drama after hitting that downfall and decided to look into romcoms. We felt creating a romcom would still allow us to express our creative side by allowing us to work with relatable chracters and place them into funny situations of which will allow the viewer to relax and enjoy the film. Through research into romcoms we found that all trailers have at least one funny situation in which the characters find themselves in, of which arose our problem with choosing romcoms. This meant that the trailer and film had to be funny due to the genre of choice. By being only allowed a small budget, this meant we could only afford cheap actors of which we knew. This meant that audiences may not find this funny which then defeats the whole objective of the genre.

Our next idea was to then mix the two together, of which arose our initial idea. This means we still wanted to take our creative of which we could express through drama, but also add a romantic twist in which would interest and keep the audience interested and captivated. We found this worked really well with plenty of film ideas came from our production team.

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