Monday, 14 October 2013

Audience Research

The audience research played a massive part in the genre of which our film fell under. It also had a massive impact on the advertising of our film, allowing us to work with the best advertising techniques in order to broaden our target audience and appeal to a wide catagorie.

The way in which we worked this was to look at various different age groups, then find out various different aspects which draw/attract them towards a certain film. For example when we looked at the target audience for children, we found that animated films which include loveable characters of which the children were able to relate to and understand. This is steroetypical for children as through the use of pyscology we understand that children are naturally attracted to bright colourful themes due to their age restrictions. Another target audience we looked at was older men as we feel that this is a very wide range to appeal to, and if targeted well can also appeal to other older age groups. When researching this age group we found that steroetypically they enjoy films of which include their hobbies, this means things such as sports, women and cars. Films such as 'Gone In 60 Seconds' and 'The Damned United' fall under stereotypical ma films, as they both include aspect of which would want the man to watch on and would keep him interested throughout.

When we was deciding of which target audience to appeal to we had to evaluate our film and look at the various different aspects within to allow us to decide which audience our film would be best suited too. By breaking down our film it became obvious that the older generation were best suited towards our film, from ages 15 and over would be able to allow a better understanding of the twisted but funny storyline. We feel that our film is best suited to both genres as it includes situations, emotions and props of which both genres would be attracted towards allowing them to stay interested towards our film. This is key for the release window allowing excitement and interest in between the time of release of advertising and trailer to the release of the blockbuster. This is a very important time for the production company as it will either broaden or slim the targeted audience.

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