Monday, 14 October 2013

Genre Research

Over the past few days I have been researching the various different genres of films of which we can use to create the trailers. I carried out this research by watching various different trailers of different genres, to see the difference between them and what they include. By doing this, then gives me a good insight into what needs to be placed into the trailer which is categorized under a certain genre of the film. The various different genres I have researched are Horror, Comedy, Drama and RomCom. This is what I have found.

When researching the genre drama there was wide range of film trailers of which to chose from and study, which made the genre choice a good one to choose. When researching the genre it gave me a good insight into the characters being used within the trailers. I found that most of the characters used were older due to the level of dramatic input the story line of the film would entail. This then gave us a problem, as due to our budget we could not afford older actors, and instead would have to use actors more of our own age. This then lead me onto researching some teen drama movies. Films such as Juno were included in my trailer research, as it gave me a good insight into what should be included in the trailer. Drama is a very specific genre of which a trailer can be produced within, although various different story lines can arise, meaning it gives us a producers flexibility and room to be creative.

Horror is a very specific genre of which movies fall under as it only appeals to a very specific target audience. Horror films are all about the buzz of which you receive from being put out of your comfort zone through the use of film. When we researched horror movie trailers we found that it takes a lot of time and special equipment in certain films to create the effect needed in which to place the audience outside of their comfort zone. This then became a massive problem to our production team, although we did find some blockbuster horror movies of which didn't use this technology. Hollywood blockbuster horrors such as 'Paranormal Activity' was one of these films as has reached a large audience through the use of fakery ghosts and  the element of surprise, of which our production team could create. There were various different elements within the horror genre of which we had to look at such as slasher, ghost and monster.

Comedy was a genre of which we enjoyed researching as there are many different films of which fall under this category. There are so many comedy blockbuster films out there making it very tough completion for new ones. Films such as 'The Hangover' has appealed to a worldwide audience and has raked in over £3,193,806 in its first weekend of viewings here in the UK. The advantages of producing a comedy movie is that it has a very large target audience and will appeal to a wide audience of people. The disadvantages of producing a comedy movie is that the competition is very high, with blockbuster comedies being released on a daily basis. Another disadvantage is within these blockbuster comedies is high name actors who are recognized for being funny. This means with our low budget it is impossible for us to get one of these actors, meaning we have to use unknown actors of which creates a risk element to whether the film will e funny or not.

Romantic comedies was a good genre to research as we found it covered a lot of ground within films of which comedies or romantics miss out. This then plays to an advantage of a whole new target audience while also appealing to audiences who enjoy romantic and comedy films. There are various different blockbuster romantic comedies out there who have made millions through the use of that new angle of which they can play on. Films such as 'Bridget Jones' Diary' is one of them and has been proven to be a smash hit within the UK making millions through the use of DVD sales and cinema showings. We found that a romantic comedy would be a good genre of film to allow our production team to work with as it allows us to express our creative side but also have a comedy spin off on the storyline. We felt that Romantic Comedy was the best choice for us as it would allow us to use unknown actors and the genre of the film would work and fit nicely with our allocated small budget.

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