Thursday, 26 September 2013

Pitch Idea-Locations

With our pitch being based around the trickery and mind games of a sweet relationship turned sour a lot of stereotypical dating locations will be used within the film. Places such as:
-Coffee Shops

These are all stereotypical places of which you would usually see couples attend. Other locations in are film would obviously be used according to the correct character. This means shots can be filmed on nights out, of when Joey and Danny decide to go out, Joeys work and also his hobbies of which he is away from Sophie. We dont show much of Joeys private life as we keep the viewers in the dark about Joeys potential misleadings with other women as much as we do with the character Sophie.

Sophie also has various locations of which her character would be situated in. This would usually be at her small flat of which her and Joey live. This location is where we really see the extent of her paranoia as she paces around the small 4 walls of the flat. She also likes to confide in her closets frineds about the situations with Joey and Danny. This means you would find her in places such as coffee shops and nail bars, of which are stereo typical places you would find older women talking about their private life to friends or family.

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