Friday, 25 April 2014

Problems with filming outside

Filming outside is very risky, reason being is that we cant control the weather or the lighting. Therefore we might be filming and suddenly it will start to rain or it goes dark which is not part of our film. We have been checking the weather forecast constantly to see when would be a good time to film.

Our filming has been delayed as when we went to film outside a couple of weeks ago, it started to pour down with rain and this did not stop till a few hours later. This was a massive problem as we lost the natural light as it went dark outside, but because we had a schedule to keep we went ahead and filmed anyway. Although we didn't have the day light, you could clearly see the two young boys kicking a football about. After discussions and meetings whether to re-film we come to the conclusion that we really like this scene, and it fits in nicely with our trailer but because because we like it so we are going to keep it.

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