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A young man named Joey has been dating his girlfriend for over 3 years now since the young age of just 17. As Joeys 21st birthday is fast approaching, the couple are portrayed to be as happy as ever as Joey can slightly hear wedding bells ringing in the back of his ears. Joey is completely oblivious to Sophie's feelings towards Joey growing up and enjoying his life before marriage with his best mate Danny. The boys are famously known around the local area for causing trouble growing up throughout school and with the ladies, until Joey met Sophie. Sophie understands that Joey gets fed a lot of attention for girls around him, with his best mate Danny never helping the situations. Sophie's thoughts are eating her away inside day by day as the morning after Joeys 21rst 'Lads Night Out' she decides to act on it. Sophie has an ingenious idea of pretending to be a local good looking girl through the use of social networking sites to use temptation as a weapon against Joey to see if he would give in or stay faithful to his long term girlfriend. Sophie would then be glued to every laptop, smart phone and tablet she can find to allow her to access more of Joeys private life, of which him and Danny have kept under wraps for the duration of the relationship. As the film goes on Joey becomes more and more attached to this mystery women of which he has never met before and starts to have doubts within his own personal relationship. As the lie gets deeper and deeper Sophie finds it harder to reveal to him that she is the women hiding behind the technology as she starts to feel as if her own relationship is falling to pieces as she understand Joey now has other interests. The situation is resolved in a big reveal as joey decides to organize a meet with this 'Facebook Stalker' of whom he is initially attracted to and feels that he is starting to have feelings for. Sophie feels as if the time is right to tell the truth as she decides to go and meet her boyfriend on their 3 year anniversary with a different girls identity. The eagerly awaited moment for the reveal in a small coffee shop, of which him and sophie go every morning before work, is fast approaching as Joey awaits at a table nervously but also intrigued to learn more about this mystery girl. Various different comical twists are also thrown in through the use of main character Danny, creating the film into a romcom allowing a different view on the relationship.

Main Characters
Joey- Loveable character who endures long relationships with both main characters.

Danny- Joeys wingman, recently left single by Joey now causing havoc on his ones.

Sophie- Sweet innocent character who wouldn't hurt a fly, intruded by twisted thoughts on her personal relationship.

The film starts with what seems to be the sweet and perfect relationship between not just Joey and Sophie, but Joey and Danny. These two loveable characters are shown growing up together as they cause cheeky havoc across the town. Small details from their childhood are included from playing street football to kiss chase in the play ground back at school. Joey and Danny are 8 years old at this starting point in the film, as it allows us to experience them grow and flement with graciousness and standards as the years go. This will be on the screen for roughly the first 5 minutes of the film, as it needs some significance towards the storyline showing emotion between the two boys, but doesn't interfere too much with the main plot. This is where also a few laughs can be thrown into the film, allowing the film to start at a very easy flow with comical situations of which the young lads find themselves in. The start of the film then carries on  with the boys in their teens, of which see's the arrival of sophie early on in the film. The boys are still up to their usual tricks causing havoc around the local area, but in more adult situations such as nights out and at college. Joey and Sophie arent officially friends yet, as we see a juxtoposition in lifestyles, showing various different clips from eachothers daily lifestyle. Sophie is introduced as a sweet teenager who couldnt do no harm, as she is seen in the same college as Joey. We can clearly see from this shot the difference in personalities, of which leads into them initi0ally crossing paths. As Joey stumbles late into a lesson he is strictly ordered by the teacher to sit next to Sophie, of which shows her blushing at the thought. The strart of the film carries on showing how Joey and Sophies relationship flements, with Danny being a pest through comical situations.

The middle part of the film is where the build up begins towards the big reveal of the mystery identity behind the social networking girl. At first we see the initial party of which tips Sophie over the edge. We see a montage of the night which was famously planed by well known promoter and best mate danny, of which is made out to be this crazy and wild boys night. This leaves sophie alone with her thoughts, of which becomes twisted and over powering by doubt and nervousness which is funneled  through the sense of knowing it is Danny who has the power over Joey. This is when she has the ingenious idea of creating a fake account within another females identity. This would then allow her a broadened insight into Joeys life, allowing her to access various different areas of Joeys life him and Dany keep quiet. She decides to carry this idea through after consulting best mate Jessica over a coffee the next day, keeping in check her sanity. We then see interaction between the mystery facebook girl, who is named Lucy Watson, as they start to build relationships between eachother. This is where the main storyline starts to kick in, as the story starts to unveil itself, although this is still not clear to the viewers or characters Joey and Danny. As Joey is completely oblivious to this he starts to spend more time on his phone, which is becoming recognizable to real life girlfriend Sophie. This forces them to drift apart over the duration of the film of which becomes recognizable to the viewers. This all adds to the build up of tension between the viewers due to the build up of tension between the characters.

The film finshes with the release of tension and the reveal of the mystery girl to the audience. This is revealed due to sophies concious caving in forcing her to reveal her own identity to Joey, of whom he thinks shes someone else. The twisted tale finnaly resolves ass confusion is settled while shock occurs to the audience. 

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