Friday, 31 January 2014


There will be various different costumes and clothing used throughout the film, due to the different character personalities of which run through our film. The clothes used will not be over the top, and will just consist of basic fashionable clothes mixed in with the personality of the character wearing them. This then allows us to enhance the characters personalities through the use of costume and clothing. For example, Sophie comes across as a very delicate and soft girl meaning things such as flowers, pink and pretty things would come into her clothing. We have included various different items of clothing into each characters mood boards along with other influences. We have broken down each characters influential clothing's and divided them under each 3 main characters.


Sophie's clothing is very stereotypical girly girl. This then connotes her sweet and innocent personality, allowing her to come across as soft and sensitive. Clothing and accessories play a huge part within trailers as it allows you to get first impressions throughout a small amount of time. This means the colors and clothing used connotes various different imitations to the viewer. This means Sophie is wearing various different pinks, purples in order to connote a very soft characteristic. We also see Sophie wearing various smart clothes in order to give her a sense of independence. This then allows us to play on the story line of her being a mature women in order to juxtaposition against Joey and Danny personalities.


Within joeys clothing you can clearly denote how Joey is trying to be as independent and mature as possible, but when with danny he is allowed to express himself through things such as snap backs and t shirts.  Through clothing we can clearly see the juxtaposition of personalities when with the two different characters. This is why we feel clothing's and accessories are a good way in which to express various different characters personalities.


Danny is dressed as how joey wants to be. With young styles and cool clothing, Danny is allowed to be the biggest kid he wants to be, with him constantly in things such as tracksuits, football gear and cool jackets. Danny has carried on from his childhood roots from when they was kids with loud t shirts and the latest trainers. There is a scene in our trailer in which Joey and Danny are getting ready for the 21st, Joey is putting on his shirt, blazer and checking his hair in the mirror, meanwhile danny is laid on the sofa behind in a tracksuit throwing a mini rugby ball around. We feel this is a good example of the juxtaposition within the two main characters clothing.

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